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Top Six Considerations When Purchasing Network Taps


Network visibility and data access to your traffic ensure that your network runs efficiently. A network tap (Test Access Port) is an inexpensive and permanent access port used throughout the network to enable monitoring and analysis without interrupting data transmission. There are many benefits for choosing a network tap solution instead of diverting data with a port connection on a switch. With so many network taps available on the market, choosing the right tap provides significant savings. For example, did you know that signal loss and degradation may result in thousands spent for additional cable roll-outs in data centers? Ensure you have the best technology and value for your deployment by understanding the key differences in network taps.

When and Where to Deploy Taps

The decision of when and where to tap is based on the monitoring needs. Ixia offers network taps to support a variety of media and speeds.

When? Anytime. Network taps are mostly passive and require little to no configuration for deployment. They can be put onto a network link anytime. You can then connect a monitoring tool any time after the tap is deployed without disrupting network operation. 



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