3–Electrode Electrochemical Measurement Techniques


The Keysight B2900A Precision Source/Measure Unit (SMU) is used for electrochemical measurements including two widely applied workflows known as cyclic voltammetry (C-V) and chrono-amperometry. Both measurements are based on three-electrode systems including working electrode, reference electrode, and counter electrode. In C-V the potential is scanned and the corresponding current of the electrochemical redox reaction is measured. The voltages and the current of the oxidation and reduction peaks are measured with the values depending on the analyte concentration (Nernst equation) and the kinetic diffusion properties (Fick’s law). In chrono-amperometry the current of the redox reaction is measured with respect to time at a given constant potential. Two different electrochemical systems are measured including a Li-ion cell with TiO2 as the reference electrode and a glucose sensor with a polymer modified electrode. In comparison to the conventional potentiostat-based setup the SMU has very sensitive current and voltage measurement resolution allowing for instance also small electrode systems with low electrochemical currents to be accurately measured. The process control can be done either from the front panel of the SMU or by the PC-based Keysight B2900A Quick I/V Measurement Software.



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