User experience with 5G depends on the device's performance, but networks are complex. Testing in clean channel conditions is not enough to ensure that 5G devices will operate as expected in real environments. Channel emulation helps assess 5G real-world RF performance to ensure a positive customer experience. Innovative channel emulation solutions accelerate testing under complex RF conditions.

5G Massive MIMO Testing

High-density environments require 3D spatial beamforming, multiuser multiple-input / multiple-output (MU-MIMO), and more advanced spectrum utilization to increase wireless RF propagation channel effectiveness between devices and base stations.

Download the application note to learn about strategies to help you address these challenges and get your designs to market faster.

Find the 5G Channel Emulation Software That's Right for You

Keysight’s PROPSIM solutions support a range of software tools to accelerate your time to insight. Using standard channel models, you can begin testing with the pre-installed standard emulations or create test scenarios. PROPSIM software tools also simplify complex testing. Quickly test all the radios in a connected car, perform satellite link testing, or verify Wi-Fi system performance in deployments using beamforming and MU-MIMO.

PROPSIM Standard Tools

Use pre-installed standard emulations or create your own


Easily create multi-link test scenarios

Carrier Test Scenarios

Run high-speed train, massive MIMO, and MIMO OTA tests

RF Field to Lab Tool

Replicate real-world radio channel conditions in your lab

WLAN Modeling Tool

Define test scenario parameters for standard 802.11ax models

PROPSIM 5G Channel Emulators

The wireless industry trusts Keysight’s family of 5G channel emulators to benchmark and validate the end-to-end real-world RF performance of devices and base stations in the lab. Verify 5G New Radio (NR) equipment that supports ultra-wide bandwidths, beamforming, and multiple-antenna configurations with PROPSIM FS16. You can address high-fading capacity needs with PROPSIM F64.


High-capacity multi-channel RF emulator


Compact and scalable RF channel emulator

Access Keysight's Remote Test Setup

Have questions or want to see the solutions in action? You can request access to Keysight's fully autonomous remote test setup. It includes a PROPSIM channel emulator, a commercial device, and a live base station. Nemo Outdoor enables real-time data monitoring during the test.

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5G 芯片制造商

5G 芯片制造商




Keysight 协助5G设备制造商打造高质量的 5G设备测试。在实施过程中使用通用的设计程序库,以便简化工作流程,加快 5G产品上市速度。

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5G 服务提供商


5G 网络仿真解决方案

5G 网络仿真解决方案

为设备生态系统赋能需要创新的网络仿真解决方案,满足整个 5G 生态系统的需求。 是德科技的网络仿真解决方案系列支持所有测试域中的测试,可帮助您对设备进行彻底测试。

5G 无线测试

5G 无线测试


NEMO 无线网络解决方案

NEMO 无线网络解决方案

Nemo 无线网络监控和移动解决方案为实现经济高效的无线网络提供了自动化的测试、分析和验收工作流程。

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