Like IxChariot? You'll Love Hawkeye

If you've used Keysight's IxChariot, then you already know how valuable synthetic traffic generation is. When it comes to validating complex deployments before and after launch, it's the industry standard for good reason.

That's why we leveraged IxChariot technology to build Hawkeye, a state-of-the-art active network monitoring platform. Instead of waiting on end users to discover bottlenecks or latency, Hawkeye injects traffic from hardware- and software-based endpoints across your network — enabling you to proactively monitor performance, pinpoint problems, and troubleshoot issues before they cause downtime.

With Hawkeye, you can do all this and more:

  • optimize user experience with real-time QoS monitoring
  • detect, diagnose, and fix performance problems proactively
  • validate complex deployments before and after launch
  • monitor distributed networks from core to edge
  • troubleshoot outages faster with hop-by-hop visualization

What is Hawkeye?

When it comes to monitoring performance, passively waiting for live network data is not enough. If you want to find connectivity issues or performance problems before your subscribers do, you need to be proactive.

A next-generation network demands cutting-edge performance monitoring. That's why network operations teams trust Keysight Hawkeye to maintain quality of service (QoS) without the headaches. An active network monitoring platform, Hawkeye uses the same technology as IxChariot. So you get the same pre-deployment testing capabilities you know and love — with the added benefits of real-time QoS monitoring, faster troubleshooting, and true core-to-edge monitoring.

How Do IxChariot and Hawkeye Compare?

Feature IxChariot Hawkeye
Endpoint-to-endpoint testing X X
Endpoint-to-real server testing   X
On-demand testing X X
Test scheduling   X
Alerts   X
Feature IxChariot Hawkeye
Monitoring dashboard and reports   X
Machine learning   X
Test results storage Limited Extensive
Test results analytics Lmited Extensive
Predefined test library Limited Extensive
Hawkeye - network performance monitoring tool

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