Technology is rapidly advancing, opening the door to villainous characters determined to achieve world domination at any cost. Wherever technological chaos breaks out around the world, Team TECC Force is on the case, with nothing but their wits, cunning, and a whole lot of Keysight tech to help save the day and in the process, mankind. Join Team TECC Force on their adventures and their quest to save the world, one precision measurement at a time.

Join Team TECC Force on Their Adventure

Meet the Characters

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Kane Shaw

TECC Force’s veteran agent is more at ease running through jungles than network tests; where Minnie specializes in IoT, he focuses on security. Kane’s got plenty to teach his rookie partner in terms of fieldwork and professionalism, but he’s got plenty to learn too.

Kyung-Min “Minnie” Park

Engineer whiz turned rookie agent, Minnie is out to prove herself in the field. She doesn’t need to wait long- her first deployment is met with catastrophe after catastrophe. It’s up to her to spot the hidden signals, both within and beyond the tech.

Genevieve Flood

The brilliant and ambitious mind behind Mendacium, and Minnie’s personal hero. When a mysterious illness besets Del Dormir, she quickly steps in to help. But when Mendacium’s tech is impaired by an “illness” of its own, she calls on the TECC team for answers.

Marc Vega

As Genevieve’s enigmatic right hand, Vega is never seen far from her side. Not much can be said about this man of so few words – except that he seems to like it that way. His duties revolve around supporting his leader as helpfully, professionally, and as quietly as he can.

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