High-speed digital standards are evolving to keep up with emerging technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles. With each generational change in high-speed computing standards, data transfer rates get faster and design margins get smaller, increasing the complexity of design and test. Engineers require higher accuracy simulations and more efficient workflows to ensure successful, holistic high-speed digital designs. Keysight is here to help you optimize the performance and time-to-market of your high-speed computing interfaces, data center connections, and consumer electronics products.

Four Considerations for High-Speed Digital Design Success

A hardware engineer’s job is to design, verify, build, and test electronic products. Failure to adopt new design methodologies puts the engineer at risk of product failure due to the degradation of high-speed signals in the printed circuit board. Project delays, skyrocketing budgets, and jeopardizing the company’s reputation are also risks. In this eBook you will learn to look at designs holistically and examine four essential considerations — signal integrity, power integrity, thermal effects, and system analysis.

Explore High-Speed Digital Use Cases to Accelerate Time-to-Market of Your Digital Designs

Solve your high-speed digital design and test challenges with Keysight’s high-speed digital test solutions. 

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