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6G research is underway and is expected to be commercialized by 2030. The next generation of cellular will expand upon and go far beyond the capabilities of 5G, marking a new era of wireless that accelerates digitalization and drives business innovation across critical industries.

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April 10th – 13th

Austin, Tx

3 Drivers of Network Transformation: Delivering on the 5G and 6G Vision


13th April, 11:45 CT

The wireless business is undergoing a major transformation as key vertical industries extend their connectivity and digitization initiatives. Three pivotal trends from late 2021 and early 2022 illustrate the magnitude of what we are facing. First, in March 3GPP will begin work on Release 18. This will be the first NR release to be designated “advanced,” and it will support more device types and use cases. Second, the trend to virtualize networks is causing major changes in how wired and wireless networking are orchestrated, as well as disrupting business models. Finally, as we near the end of the third year of 5G deployment, aligning on the next generation (6G) has never been so visible and critical. These three trends illustrate how the next phase of 5G will not only transform the second half of this decade but also how we as an industry will be realizing the 6G vision.

Executive Forum – 2: Perspectives On 6G

11th April, 11:45 CT

5G Advanced standardization is now underway leading to the next step of opportunities for 5G evolution. At the same time, industry and academia are engaged with 6G research across key technologies and future use cases. Although we are at an early stage of 6G with the beginning of standardization several years away and generally targeting deployment around 2030, the discussion on 6G vision and perspectives has started with a number of different views. This panel intends to contribute to this discussion, by addressing perspectives coming from different industrial sectors.

6G forum

Industry Panel: Advanced Wireless Research in Texas

Wireless research

12th April, 4:00 CT

Texas is home to some of the top universities and companies in the world for engineering. This panel brings together researchers from across the central Texas area to discuss their research, collaborate between industry and academia, and the challenges that they see as critical to solve in 6G.

Industry Session: Testing the RIC – How to Trust your xApp Store Purchases

12th April, 11:45 CT

With the increase of artificial intelligence and machine learning being incorporated into the RAN Intelligent Controller in ORAN, there becomes an increasing need to validate the performance of xApps developed either for internal development or for the testing of third party RICs. To ensure reliability and performance, xApp and Near Real-Time RIC development requires complete testing ecosystems that account for the scalability and density of ORAN components. This presentation will discuss the various scenarios, traffic models, and test topologies needed to create a well-rounded testbed for tuning xApps for a given use case. In order to guarantee that AI/ML algorithms work as designed, testbeds are necessary throughout the design to deployment process and need cloud-native tools that can scale alongside.

Testing the RIC

Industry Expo Demo: Sub THz PHY Layer Testing

Sub THz Phy Layer testing

10th – 13th April

Flexible and scalable 6G sub-terahertz (THz) R&D testbed to address a multitude of frequency bands, bandwidths, and waveform types.

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