Make comprehensive radar analysis of FM linear chirp, frequency hopping, or pulsed RF signals in time, frequency, and modulation domains.


  • Identify and log key metrics for pulse modulated radar signals in aerospace, defense, and electronic warfare.
  • Verify pulse accuracy relating to modulation quality, RF power, amplitude settling, time metrics, pulse compression, emitter deinterleaving, frequency hopping, pattern search, and angle-of-arrival with detailed summary tables.
  • Connect to over 400 Keysight instruments, from broadband oscilloscopes to high-end signal analyzers and streaming digitizers.
  • Leverage segmented capture to record only the active part of the pulse, optimizing memory usage of stored waveform files.
  • Extend your analysis with advanced radar, enabling independent pulse tables per channel, and analysis of regions of constant phase, frequency, or chirp rate within an RF burst.
  • Look for pulse metric trends and evaluate system robustness using cumulative statistics, histograms, and trend lines.
  • Visualize pulse power, frequency, and time with the instantaneous acquisition spectrogram trace view.
  • Determine emitter angle based on multi-channel scan patterns over tens of seconds.
  • Compare measured individual and trains of pulses to references, delivering insights on pulse quality and pulse signature patterns.
  • Note: The 89601ITQC VSA Radar Pulse Analysis for Electric Warfare software is subject to ITAR export regulations. For more information, please contact your Keysight sales representative.