The Model Generator Recentering uses tuning and optimization techniques to efficiently adjust important parameters to adapt the model to the new targets.


The W7008E PathWave IC-CAP Model Generator Re-Centering and Corners Modeling includes:

  • Easy import of target definition and data from different devices and temperature
  • Easy creation of scaling plots of target Figures of Merits vs. geometry and temperature
  • Full integration with the Model Generator enables custom extraction flow, verification, and report
  • Visualization of Target Error table updated after tuning and optimization
  • Support for statistical corner visualization
  • Additional 10-pk simulations for PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS)

As semiconductor process specifications mature during its life cycle, modeling teams must quickly turn around updated model libraries whenever new specs are available. The W7008E re-centering tool helps modeling engineers accomplish this task efficiently. To begin model recentering, the transistor models from the current library are used as a reference point. Then, updated values for Figure-of-merits (FOMs) are provided. These updated FOMs represent the new targets as the process has changed. Recentering uses tuning and optimization techniques to adjust important model parameters to align the model with the new targets. The tools provide the ability to adjust trend plots in real time and efficiently simulate data points from various devices and temperatures.

The W7008E guides you through the necessary steps, from importing targets to automatically setting up trend plots for tuning and optimization. Additionally, you can monitor overall errors through a convenient table and generate reports. The W7008E add-on requires the W7300B PathWave IC-CAP Modeling Platform or the following elements: W7001E PathWave IC-CAP Core Environment and the W7010E PathWave IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis.