The W7011E PathWave IC-CAP BJT Plus Extraction Package Plus includes extraction for the Keysight HBT, VBIC, Gummel-Poon, and MEXTRAM models.


The W7011E PathWave IC-CAP BJT Plus Extraction Package Plus includes:

  • Gummel-Poon Model - the classic industry-standard model for BJT devices
  • Keysight EDA High-Frequency Gummel-Poon BJT - advanced Gummel-Poon extraction for RF applications 
  • Keysight EDA EEBJT2 BJT - RF focused model with improved methods for extracting ideality, base resistance, and reverse Early Voltage.
  • VBIC BJT - extraction package for the VBIC (vertical bipolar inter-company model) bipolar model
  • MEXTRAM BJT - advanced BJT model that takes into account many physical phenomena associated with modern BJT technologies
  • Keysight HBT - GUI-based extraction toolkit for HBT model explicitly designed for GaAs and InP processes

Each extraction example uses a combination of DC, CV, and S-parameters measurements to extract the target BJT or HBT models. The Gummel-Poon based models are basic bipolar models that work well for legacy BJT processes. For today's modern high-speed BJT technology, we recommend using more advanced models like VBIC and MEXTRAM. The Keysight HBT extraction package is implemented in an intuitive, Windows-Style user interface and supports measurements, de-embedding, and a customizable extraction flow.