Please contact us immediately if you find a Keysight product or solution is impacted by a cyber security issue by sending an email with the following details of the issue to

Description of Issue:
If possible provide a detailed description of the incident that affected the product, or the steps required to observe the vulnerability. In addition, a list of other affected devices, screenshots, and screen captures are all helpful to us.

Model Number:
If no product number is known, please enter info in "Product Description"

Product Description:
Additional product details – if applicable

Serial Number(s):
Serial Number(s) of affected products – if known

SW Revision:
Version of product SW and OS name and version – if applicable

Your Contact information:
Please include your name, company and preferred contact details

Date and Time Issue Was Observed:
If known

If your product is no longer able to operate correctly you are also encouraged to contact Keysight Technical Support to initiate any appropriate repair process.

If you have discovered a security vulnerability in a Keysight product or solution, we encourage you report it to us privately so that Keysight can follow a coordinated vulnerability disclosure process. This allows us the time needed to thoroughly investigate and remediate security issues and publicly disclose them when appropriate. When you notify us of a potential security issue, we will acknowledge receipt of the report and coordinate any required response actions with you.

If you have a non-security related support issue, please contact Keysight Technical Support.

For further information, please contact Keysight.

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