• Broad operating frequency up to 20 GHz (3.5 mm (f) connector)
  • High port counts that are handy and easily cascade able to scale up to 36-ports
  • Small footprint in size for sharing ECal in multiple location
  • Minimizes operator’s time and error by eliminating numerous connections during calibration process
  • Supported by latest Keysight’s VNAs (PXI VNAs, PNA, ENA and Streamline series VNAs) with direct control via USB

The Keysight N7564AEP multiport ECal makes calibration of Keysight vector network analyzers fast, easy and accurate. Operating frequency from DC to 20 GHz, the multiport ECal module came in handy and easily cascade-able multiport ECal of up to 36-ports with each single module at 6-ports count.

The multiport ECal makes it possible to calibrate a wide range of frequency without making a numerous connection during calibration process. They come in a smaller footprint than competition which allows user to share ECal in multiple location and have the flexibility to scale up your calibration requirement to meet future demand for higher port counts. This is an ideal calibration solution for multiport measurement application such as high-volume PA/FEM, massive MIMO or high-speed digital interconnects applications that often come with higher number of test port requirement.

This ECal module is an ideal solution for calibrating vector network analyzers. Performing a full 12/18/24/30/36-ports calibration takes less than half the time and number of connections versus traditional mechanical cal kits. The operator simply connects the ECal module to the vector network analyzer via USB and the firmware controls the rest, thus reducing the chance for operator error. Wear and tear on connectors are reduced as well, lowering repair costs on both the test port connectors and calibration standards.

Note: The multiport ECal does not support calibration with external switches and user characterization.

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