借助可通过软件升级的功能来扩展 FieldFox 手持式分析仪的功能,获得更深入的测量和分析洞察。这些功能可在现场提供与台式仪器相媲美的精确测量。

N9951A 的可用特性(基本型号:电缆和天线分析仪):

  • 全双端口矢量网络分析仪
  • VNA 时域
  • 混合模式 S 参数
  • TDR 电缆测量
  • 矢量电压表
  • 频谱分析仪
  • 干扰分析仪/频谱图
  • 前置放大器
  • 频谱分析仪时间选通
  • 支持 USB 功率传感器
  • 使用 USB 峰值功率传感器进行脉冲测量
  • 内置功率计
  • 内置可变直流电压源
  • 内置 GPS 接收机
  • 远程控制功能


  • 用于处理日常维护和深度故障诊断的测量功能
  • 利用 VNA、频谱分析仪、内置功率计、矢量电压表等特性最大限度发挥性能优势
  • 随同新仪器一起订购或在升级现有仪器时订购

Full-Band Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer

Perform high-performance spectrum analysis with four trace options, different detector types, radio standard selection, and flexible limit lines.

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

RTSA measurement

Use gap-free, real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) with 100 MHz of real-time bandwidth to capture small and intermittent signals masked by larger signals.

Y-Factor Noise Figure & Gain Measurements

noise figure measuement

Characterize devices like low noise amplifiers, frequency converters, and receivers with portable, one-button Y-factor noise figure and gain measurements.

In-Phase & Quadrature (I/Q) Analyzer

I/Q Analysis

Demodulate I/Q data and verify final signal chain integration or troublesoot signal quality degradation due to hardware or software issues.

Interference Analyzer and Spectogram

Interference Analyzer

Identify interfering signals quickly and accurately using spectogram or waterfall display. Record traces over time and store them for offline processing.  

Extended Range Transmission Analysis

ERTA measurement

Measure the scalar transmission gain or loss of waveguide systems, mixers, converters, and long cables where the two ends cannot easily meet.



Increase spectrum analyzer sensitivity and reduce the DANL.

Analog Demodulation

AM/FM demodulation

Demodulate and chracterize AM and FM signals of radio transmitters.

Time Gating

Time gating

Measure the spectrum of a periodic signal during a specified time interval.

Transmission & Reflection

Transmission and Reflection

Use vector network analyzer mode to measure transmission and reflection (S21 and S11) magnitude and phase.

Time-Domain Response Measurements

Time Domain Response

Display reflection or transmission coefficients in the time domain and remove unwanted responses with time-domain gating.

Full Two-Port S-Parameters

2-Port S-Parameters

Enable vector network analyzer mode to measure all four S-parameters (S21, S11, S12, S22) magnitude and phase.

Mix-Mode S-Parameters

S-Parameter Mix Mode

Make balanced, mixed-mode S-parameter reflection measurements (Scc11, Sdd11, Scd11, Sdc11) with network analyzer mode.

Vector Voltmeter (VVM) Measurements

vector voltmeter

Measure the phase shift and elctrical length of a device and view the results on the large display from a distance.

TDR Cable Measurements

Time Domain Response

Identify the location and nature of faults alon cables using time-domain reflectometry measurements.

Frequency Channel Scanner

channel scanner

Verify signal coverage, identify potential interference issues, and optimize network performance with channel power measurements of up to 20 channels at once.

EMF Measurements

EMF measurement

Evaluate total RF exposure levels in any given area. Verify compliance to regulatory and government requirements using a triaxial isotropic antenna.

Over-the-Air 5G TF Measurements

Over-the-air 5G TF measurement

Demodulate and analyze 5GTF cell information transmitted over-the-air from base station downlink multi-path and multi-cell environments.

Over-the-Air LTE FDD Measurements

Over-the-air LTE FDD measurements

Analyze LTE FDD cell information transmitted over-the-air and optimize inter-RAT handovers for overlapping 5G and LTE networks.

USB Power Measurements vs. Frequency

USB power measurements vs frequency

Characterize the scalar transmission response of devices such as mixers and converters using USB power sensor measurements versus frequency.

Built-in Power Meter

power meter

Make accurate, user-definable channel power measurements such as transmitter output power with no additional external hardware.

USB Power Sensor Pulse Measurements

USB pulse measurement

Characterize RF pulses such as those used in radar and electronic warfare systems using a USB peak power sensor.


Remote Control Capability

remote control

View and control FieldFox remotely using an iOS device.

Built-in GNSS/GPS Receiver


Attach geolocation tags to measurements with a built-in GNSS/GPS receiver.

DC Bias Variable Voltage Source

DC bias voltage source

Provide power to amplifiers under test and bias tower mounted amplifiers.

Indoor & Outdoor Mapping

indoor and outdoor mapping

Import indoor and outdoor maps for data collection and plotting to the map.

Learn more about each software option in the Technical Overview.

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