借助可通过软件升级的功能来扩展 FieldFox 手持式分析仪的功能,获得更深入的测量和分析洞察。这些功能可在现场提供与台式仪器相媲美的精确测量。

N9961A 的可用特性(基本型号:频谱分析仪):

  • 反射测量
  • 全频段跟踪发生器
  • 前置放大器
  • 干扰分析仪/频谱图
  • 支持 USB 功率传感器
  • 使用 USB 峰值功率传感器进行脉冲测量
  • 内置功率计
  • 内置可变直流电压源
  • 内置 GPS 接收机
  • 远程控制功能


  • 用于处理日常维护和深度故障诊断的测量功能
  • 利用 VNA、频谱分析仪、内置功率计、矢量电压表等特性最大限度发挥性能优势
  • 随同新仪器一起订购或在升级现有仪器时订购


Remote Control Capability

remote control

View and control FIeldFox remotely using an iOS device.

Built-in GNSS/GPS Receiver


Attach geolocation tags to measurements with a built-in GNSS/GPS receiver.

DC Bias Variable Voltage Source

DC bias voltage source

Provide power to amplifiers under test and bias tower mounted amplifiers.

Indoor & Outdoor Mapping

indoor and outdoor mapping

Import indoor and outdoor maps for data collection and plotting to the map.

Full-Band Built-in Preamplifier


Increase spectrum analyzer sensitivity and reduce the DANL.

Full-Band Tracking Generator

tracking generator

Measure scalar stimuli/responses of active and passive components.

Learn more about each software option in the Technical Overview.

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