Fully automated test environment for benchmarking the E2E performance of your 5G devices, basestations, and O-RAN network equipments

Automation of entire performance benchmarking workflow

  • Quickly integrate test automation into the test process with predefined test cases
  • Create new test cases to expand test automation coverage
  • Integrate existing and new test instruments, such as attenuators, as part of test automation
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of manual work needed in the test process and achieve efficiency and consistency
  • Collect comparable measurement results reliably and minimize the risk of human error with high-volume testing and repeatability
  • Analyze, benchmark, and regressively test different O-RAN blueprints and test conditions utilizing pre-defined test case package which has been defined according to O-RAN Alliance TIFG E2E test specification

Objective, consistent and seamless performance comparison

  • Access to historical records for trending and analytics
  • Cost-effective benchmarking of devices and base station
  • Capability to easily engage in in-depth troubleshooting to resolve network issues and to identify configuration changes between test runs
  • Consistency of test cases and workflow across devices and network equipment
  • Single performance score across multiple test cases and KPIs reinforcing objective and seamless performance comparison

Automated Performance Benchmarking Solution for Lab Networks

Keysight’s Performance Benchmarking Solution for Lab Networks (PBM) enables mobile network operators to automatically benchmark and evaluate the performance of 5G devices, O-RAN deployments and base stations in a laboratory environment. It offers an end-to-end automation framework, from test plan definition and execution to reporting and analytics, all in a single user interface. The solution will accelerate performance validation and allow you to reach first-to-market status with high-quality devices and networks.

PBM delivers an integrated lab-based test solution that cost-effectively enables users to benchmark device and base station performance, troubleshoot and resolve issues, and ultimately, enhance product and service quality.

With PBM, mobile network operators can evaluate multiple devices in a single test campaign using live base stations in the lab or evaluate a 5G base station (gNodeB) using a reference 5G device. The solution offers predefined test cases and customizable test scripts to meet specific customer requirements. Thanks to the expandable framework, you can integrate other lab equipment for more sophisticated test causes, such as stress testing and handover scenarios.

With PBM, you will gain objective insight into comparable 5G product features and selected KPIs - directly improving product quality and achieving efficiency and consistency in testing.

UE Power Consumption Measurements with Commercial Devices

When using a mobile phone, the power consumption and battery drainage experienced by end-users affect their willingness to change mobile operators. With PBM, mobile operators can benchmark the power consumption of commercial, unmodified Android-based devices with different chipsets. The power characteristics can be compared conveniently using PBM’s benchmarking capabilities and reports, and end-user behavior can be matched with test scripts representing different kinds of traffic profiles.

With this valuable insight, the optimal network configuration for UE power consumption can be achieved, consequently extending battery lifetime significantly and reducing customer churn.

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