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It shouldn't take a headache to get the most out of your tools. That's why Keysight offers a suite of licenses, libraries, and instrument control software to help you automate test workflows and accelerate innovation.

From simple connectivity and programmatic control to test instrument software integrations and test automation suites, our turnkey solutions mean you can spend more time thriving — and less time toiling with lengthy workarounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Instrument Control and Connectivity

What is Keysight IO library suite?

The Keysight IO library suite is a collection of software that facilitates instrument control and connection from a PC with Windows, Linux, or Windows-on-ARM operating systems. It also supports many development environments like Python, C/C++, LabVIEW, and Microsoft Visual Studio. Depending on your operating environment, the IO library suite supports interfaces such as GPIB, USB, LAN, PXI, VXI, and more. It also comes with many I/O utilities that help check your instrument status and connections, perform interactive communication with your instruments, monitor and debug I/O, and more.

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IO Library Suite

What is Keysight Command Expert?

The Keysight Command Expert is easy-to-use interactive instrument control software for many PC application environments like Excel, VEE, SystemVue, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Python, and LabVIEW to simplify the process of retrieving measurement data from instruments.

What is SCPI?

SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) is a programming language standard designed specifically for controlling instruments. It defines how you communicate with these instruments from an external computer. It is the most common standard to control instruments over GPIB, LAN, and USB interfaces.

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SCPI Learning Page

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