The N4364A Lightwave Transmitter Analyzer Bundle consists of a calibrated OE-converter - the N4377A Lightwave Detector - and Vector Network Analyzer - either from the PNA- or from the Streamline Series USB-family - and is a cost-effective solution to test the frequency response of optical transmitters such as directly modulated lasers diodes (DMLs), Mach-Zehnder Modulators (MZMs) or other devices.

  • Relative frequency response uncertainty (typical) ≤ ±1.6 dBe at 1550 nm
  • Average optical power measurement range (typical) up to 9 dBm
  • Average optical power measurement uncertainty: ≤ ±0.5 dB
  • 2-port or 4-port Vector Network Analyzer

For single-mode and multi-mode measurements

The N4377A Lightwave Detector is available for single-mode fiber with 40 GHz and 70 GHz bandwidth with calibration wavelengths at 1310 nm and 1550 nm. The 40 GHz version’s operating wavelength range starts at 1064 nm and ends at 1650 nm. The 70 GHz version operates across and beyond the entire CWDM range, starting at 1200 nm and reaching to 1650 nm.

Wide selection of Vector Network Analyzers

A wide range of Keysight Vector Network Analyzers can be selected within the N4364A. Whether a small form-factor, 2-port Streamline Series USB Vector Network Analyzer or a full-fledged, 4-port PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer is needed, the N4377A Lightwave Detector works with all of them. Simply connect it to the Vector Network Analyzer, chose the amplitude and phase response calibration data stored on board the device for de-embedding and start measuring.

Optional test kit including RF cables and electronic calibration module

The optionally available test kits contain everything you need to get started: RF cables depending on the connector type and frequency range of your device under test as well as an Electronic Calibration Module to facilitate the calibration of the Vector Network Analyzer.


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