• Editable Microsoft PowerPoint slides
  • Covers 45 hours of teaching

More than 400 editable Microsoft PowerPoint teaching slides, covering 45 hours of teaching for one full semester are provided. The slides cover the following topics:

  • Basic RF/Microwave Concepts
  • Transmission Lines and Impedance Matching
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and RF
  • RF Test Bench Accessories
  • Popular RF Instruments (SA, VNA & PM) and Measurement Error Correction
  • Basics of Antennas and Radio Propagation
  • Overview of Transceiver Architectures
  • Filter Function and Measurements
  • Low Noise Amplifier Function and Measurements
  • Power Amplifier Function and Measurements
  • RF Oscillator Function and Measurements
  • Mixer Function and Measurements

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