800GE Layer 1 BERT + KP4 FEC multiport test solution

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  • Validate the BER performance of high-port-count devices with 2-ports of the G800GE 800GE BERT, FEC, and packet blast capabilities with Keysight’s KiOS multi-port browser application
  • Perform long-duration (timed tests) and stress tests by using Keysight’s KP4 FEC symbol bit error density distribution analysis—excellent for catching bursty errors that occur over time
  • Simplify connection of the G800GE to Keysight's M8040A high-performance BERT analyzer for FEC-aware physical layer tests
  • Find problems faster with KiOS browser-based single-page application (SPA), system-view of all the BERT, FEC, and packet statistics of all the lanes or ports with 1x800GE, 2x400GE, 4x200GE, and 8x100GE speed support
  • Measure line-rate BER and FEC performance in minutes, not hours— evaluate optical transceiver and silicon device BER at all Ethernet speeds simultaneously by using the patented enhanced BERT option (BERT inferred FEC)
  • Connect a module compliance board to your device evaluation board by using the G800GE electrical coaxial cabling system

World’s First Line-Rate 2 x 800GE Test System

Keysight’s G800GE OSFP test system makes the challenge of qualifying bit error rate (BER) and forward error correction (FEC) symbol performance and stress-testing with line-rate packet traffic on 800GE electronic devices easier and affordable. Used to validate chips, optical transceivers, or the port electronics of networking equipment, the G800GE is a purpose-built BERT and FEC test system with 112Gb electrical lane signaling per port that gives you the ability to find a problem in minutes, not hours. It shows a system-level view of the BER and FEC performance of all lanes and on the ports, as desired, all at once, in real time.


The G800GE 1-port optical transceiver interface model is a unique benchtop test chassis that includes a 1-port electrical Tx/Rx coaxial interface. The coaxial interface is an excellent medium for electrical signals. Its use results in more accurate measurements because it offers an extremely clean signal with an incredibly few bit errors. The coaxial interface connects with many different types of device evaluation boards to validate devices under test with the G800GE’s BERT, FEC, and packet transmission capabilities.

High-Performance BERT Analyzer Synchronization

The G800GE OSFP can be upgraded in the field to support interconnection and synchronization with Keysight’s M8040A high-performance BERT analyzer. The combined system is a symbol-striped, FEC-aware physical layer BER tester for 112G electrical lanes. It is a solution for 800GE characterization, stress, and conformance tests, and to perform physical-layer channel stress and impairment of a channel. Additionally, advanced tests such as TDECQ and optical receiver stress testing (ORST) may be performed for optical transceivers in conjunction with various Keysight Layer 1 instruments such as a real-time oscilloscope, a DCA, and other equipment and accessories depending on the application.

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