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Actionable Insight into Wi-Fi Device Performance


Getting it right the first time

For manufacturers of mobile devices, failure to continually deliver greater speed, functionality, quality, and reliability means risking

• Loss of brand reputation and customer loyalty if devices don’t perform as promised out of the gate, or have an adverse effect on existing WLANs. Today’s mobile users rely less on ads and data sheets and more upon peer reviews and personal experience in choosing new devices, and word travels fast when they fail to deliver;

• Liability if Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are not met in retail, service provider, and enterprise networks, or FDA approvals for healthcare devices are lost;

• Missed windows for ROI: Today’s “next-gen” devices become “yesterday’s news” very quickly, and it’s easy for inexpensive components, like a hundred-dollar WiFi module, to under-perform and undermine the benefits of devices costing thousands to deliver and deploy. 



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