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N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA)


Field testing just got easier

If you are making measurements in the field, the Keysight Technologies, Inc. N9344C handheld spectrum analyzer (HSA) makes your job easier. It's got the features you need for operating in tough field environments, and its measurement performance gives you confidence the job's been done right.

The N9344C HSA lets you automate routine tasks to save time and ensure consistent results. Field testing just got easier with the Keysight N9344C HSA.

Definitions and requirements

This data sheet contains specifications and supplemental information for Keysight N9344C handheld spectrum analyzer. The differences between specifications, typical performance, and nominal values are described as follows.


"Specifications" describe the performance of parameters and applies to temperatures ranging from –10 to 50 °C, unless otherwise noted.

95th percentile values indicate the breadth of the population (> 2) of performance tolerances expected to be met in 95% of the cases with a 95% confidence, for any ambient temperature in the range of 20 to 30 °C. In addition to the statistical observations of a sample of instruments, these values include the effects of the uncertainties of external calibration references.

These values are not warranted. These values are updated occasionally if a significant change in the statistically observed behavior of production instruments occurs.

"Typical" describes additional product performance information. It is performance beyond specification that 80% of the units exhibit with a 95% confidence level over the temperature range of 20 to 30 °C. Typical performance does not include measurement uncertainty.

"Nominal values" indicate expected performance, or describe product performance that is useful in the application of the product.

Conditions required to meet specifications

The following conditions must be met for the analyzer to meet its specifications.

  •  The analyzer is within its calibration cycle.
  •  Under auto couple control, except when Swp Time Rule is set to Accuracy.
  • Any analyzer that has been stored at a temperature range inside the allowed storage range but outside the allowed operating range must be stored at an ambient temperature within the allowed operating range for at least two hours before being turned on.
  •  The analyzer has been turned on at least 30 minutes.


Keysight Technologies certifies that this product met its published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory. Keysight Technologies further certifies that its calibration measurements are traceable to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to the extent allowed by the Institute’s calibration facility, and to the calibration facilities of other International Standards Organization (ISO) members.



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