Column Control DTX

E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer 30 kHz to 4.5 /8.5 GHz



Specification (spec.):

Warranted performance. All specifications apply at 23 ºC (± 5 ºC), unless otherwise stated, and 90 minutes after the instrument has been turned on. Specifications include guard bands to account for the expected statistical performance distribution, measurement uncertainties, and changes in performance due to environmental conditions.

Typical (typ.):

Describes performance that will be met by a minimum of 80% of all products. It is not guaranteed by the product warranty.

Supplemental performance data (SPD):

Supplemental performance data represents the value of a parameter that is most likely to occur; the expected mean or average. It is not guaranteed by the product warranty.

General characteristics:

A general, descriptive term that does not imply a level of performance.

Boundary Conditions

In this data sheet, boundary conditions are given for the specifications. For example, system dynamic range is 98 dB with the following boundary conditions.

Frequency: 10 MHz, IF bandwidth: 3 kHz

If the same boundary conditions fall under more than one category in a table, apply the best value.



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Column Control DTX