Migrating to the Latest Keysight Software for Power Meters and Power Sensors


Keysight’s BenchVue Power Meter/Power Sensor Control and Analysis (BV0007B) is the next-generation software application for users that own Keysight’s power meters and power sensors. The BV0007B BenchVue Power Meter/Sensor Control and Analysis app runs within the BenchVue Platform software. Many of the features that were popular in Keysight’s Power Analysis Manager and Power Panel Software (N1918A) have been updated and included in the BV0007B app with more features and updates to come. The table on page 3 and 4 provides easy reference regarding which features are available, enhanced, and ready for you to use with the new Power Meter/Sensor app. Effortlessly, migrate from older Power Meter/Power Sensor software to the BV0007B app and start driving measurements to actionable insights faster today.



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