Access key IC-CAP components and building blocks to import, manage, process, and visualize data, including a powerful programming environment with Python 3 and IC-CAP's proprietary scripting language, PEL.


The W7001E PathWave IC-CAP Core Environment includes:

  • Data I/O and visualization
  • Python 3 and PEL programming enviroment
  • IC-CAP MultiPlot Studio
  • IC-CAP GUI Studio

The W7001E PathWave IC-CAP Core Environment is the IC-CAP framework and provides data management, visualization, and programming capabilities with Python and PEL. It includes MultiPlot and GUI studio, mathematical transforms and macros.

  • Python 3 - One of the most powerful and widely used languages is now fully integrated into IC-CAP. An extensive set of packages is available: Pandas, SymPy, H5Py, OpenPyXL, XLRD, XlsxWriter, and many others.  Python demos and examples now use Python 3 to showcase the power of MatPlotLib, NumPy, and Pandas packages.
  • PEL – Programming Extraction Language - enables the creation and automation of measurement and extraction procedures.
  • IC-CAP MultiPlot Studio - consolidates in a single window any number of plots, allowing users to customize colors, symbols, and annotation. Buttons placed to the side of each plot provide convenient access to zoom, optimizations/tuners, scaling, error calculations, and changes to the X and Y axis.
  • IC-CAP GUI Studio - enables creating a user interface (GUI) for automated custom measurement or extraction procedures. You can create, customize and share custom GUI projects with other colleagues or customers so they can efficiently perform the measurement and extraction steps.

Other features include a library for convenient access to commonly used mathematical functions, wafer prober drivers, and switch matrix drivers.